My Work

David Cobley’s work can be divided into different categories according to what his focus is.


He has painted people from all walks of life. He finds inspiration from actors, writers, politicians, comedians, sportsmen, military figures, and the royal family. He has painted portraits of great figures including His Excellency Festus Mogae, Sir John Tooke, Viscount Portman, Sir Christopher Hum, and General Andrew Figgures.

The Single Figure

David has been fascinated by the human form since he was a child. He copied the works of the masters to practice and find his own art. In the beginning, he painted the human form in an interior, but he matured and started using colour and light to create meditations on solitude, longing, and intimacy.

Multiple Figures

David also paints multiple figures as it adds, changes, and complicates the story. His works show paintings of military men and weaponry, school girls, boys on bumper cars, couples, etc.

In the Studio

“The question of what to paint is no longer an issue; the only question is how to make an interesting painting of the subject matter in front of me. My imagination has free reign and all things seem possible.”

For this reason, he paints in the studio whatever he sees when he has no models booked or working on a specific project.

Still Life

David finds inspiration and poetry in everyday objects like a flower, a book, an apple, and almost anything else. He finds objects for a painting anywhere he looks. To him, it is about portraying what these things symbolise.

David also has a collection of drawings, landscapes, self-portraits, and illustrations. His work is soulful, emotional, and beautiful.