The 7 Main Elements of Art

Art can be very inspiring and often make us want to take up a brush or a pencil and try it ourselves. Sadly, it rarely looks anything close to the well-known artists we know and love. It is never too late to learn to draw or paint, however. It is quite easy to start creating images if you know the elements of art. There are 7 elements of art:

Line – A line moves from point A to point B. It can be straight, swirly, squiggly, jagged, dotted, dashed, broken, curved, diagonal, horizontal, or vertical. Any path created from drawing from one point and ending at another can be considered a line.

Shape – Shapes are two-dimensional objects. It is said that when a line crosses itself, it creates a shape. There are different types of shapes including geometric, natural, circle, square, triangle, oval, crescent, rectangle, etc.

Colour – Colour adds interest or feeling and emotion to art. It can help strengthen the message of art. The primary colours that we use are red, blue, and yellow. These three colours are combined to form all other colours. There are many different hues for each of the primary colours.

Texture – This refers to how something feels. For example, rough, soft, ragged, sharp, etc. In art, you can use two kinds of texture. Real texture is how something actually feels. Implied texture is when an artist paints or draws a specific texture.

Form – A form is a step up from a shape. A form is three-dimensional and you can walk around a form. Forms have height, depth, and width. Examples are cylinders and cubes.

Value – The value of a picture refers to the lightness or darkness of it. It is how shadows and shades are used in a picture.

Space – Space is the ‘blank’ area around an object in a painting. Positive space is the space that the artwork fills, while negative space is the space or area around this artwork.

Once you understand the 7 elements of art, you can start experimenting and practicing to make your own pieces of art. You may never become the next Picasso, but you might find art very therapeutic.

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