early work

Early work 

Children, given the opportunity, start to draw when they are very young. It seems to be an important way of exploring the world around them. I was lucky enough to be given this opportunity, and received a great deal of encouragement while I was growing up. Some of my earliest, and happiest, memories are of drawing. “What can I draw next?” was something I would often ask my mother.

I was interested in people, copying pictures in books as well as attempting to draw those around me. As I grew older, I became more adept at making things “look real” in my drawings, and getting likenesses of the people I drew. I was going to be an artist!  

So when I had taken my “A” levels in Art Geography and English, it seemed natural to do a Foundation Course in Art and Design at Northampton College of Art. The next step was slightly more tricky. I couldn’t decide between Graphics and Fine Art, and I even had thoughts of training as a Methodist minister, but plumped in the end for a course in Fine Art (Painting) at Liverpool College of Art. Six months later I joined a religious cult and left art school to go and save the world. What a nutter!