Links to artists past and present, as well as framers, galleries, arts societies and online collections.

Contemporary artists
This started off as a way of linking to other artists I know and whose work I like. Since then, one or two other artists have asked for a mutual link, so the list continues to grow…

Alastair AdamsPortraits and figure paintings
Malcolm Ashman
Paintings inspired by the local landscape
Peter Brown
Peopled townscapes and landscapes
Edward Dowden
Landscapes, castles and buildings
Paul Emsley
Animals and the human figure
Brian Elwell
Landscapes, buildings and reflections
Geoff Hayzer
Portraits and figure paintings
Tel 0208 8520755
Ben Hughes
Contrasts in two dimensions
Margaret Lovell
Sculpture inspired by natural forms
Felicity Roma Bowers
Atmospheric, decorative images
Bob Rudd

Landscapes and buildings in watercolour
Paul Slater
Humorous illustrations and paintings
Michael Taylor
Portraits, figure paintings and still lifes
Guy Troughton
Paintings about man and nature
Caroline Waterlow
Figure and animal drawings and sculptures

Mutual linkees (if that’s a word!)
R A Barry
Figurative painter
Tim Sainsbury
Paintings from memory and imagination
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Artists from the past
The artists below (amongst many others) have all had a major influence on my work (images courtesy of Mark Harden at www.artchive.com)
Jan Van Breughel The Artchive
Netherlandish Proverbs
Oil on oak panel, 117 x 163 cm (1559)
Rembrandt van Rijn The Rembrandt House Museum
Self Portrait As The Apostle Paul
Francisco Goya The Artchive
Oil on plaster remounted on canvas, 146 x 83 cm, (c. 1821-1823)
Auguste Rodin The Artchive
She Who Was The Helmet Maker’s Beautiful Wife (Celle qui fut la belle heaulmiere)
Bronze 94.5 x 30.5 x 19.7 cm (c. 1880-85)
Gustav Klimt The Artchive
The Kiss
Oil and gold on canvas, 180 x 180 cm (1907-08)
Egon Schiele The Artchive
Nude With Legs Apart
Stanhope Forbes
The Forge

Kathe Kollwitz Kathe Kollwitz Museum
Rest In The Peace Of His Hands
Francis Bacon The Artchive
Michael Ayrton The Artchive
Troy Maze
Norman Rockwell The Artchive
Abstract Concrete
Lucien Freud The Artchive
Oil on canvas, 56.2 x 51.2 cm (1985)
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The Gilders Workshop
Beautifully crafted frames of the highest quality
The Framing Workshop
Framing everything from medals to needlework
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I exhibit mainly with three privately run galleries…
Beaux Arts Bath
Brian Sinfield
Everard Read
…and three arts institutions.
The Mall Galleries
Royal West of England Academy
The Royal Academy
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I have been elected a member of the following art societies.
The Royal Society of Portrait Painters (1997)
The Royal West of England Academy (2000)
Bath Society of Artists (2001)
The New English Art Club (2003)
Online art collections
Robert Canaga Gallery